Friday, March 13, 2009

Begin the Begin

Our trip to Wien (Vienna, Austria) starts now March, 2009. Since we are moving for several years, a lot of work is being done to get us ready. Sabine & Pascal leave May 1st, Dean, Anika & Tessa leave right after school ends (June 13th). Now we are busy with school selection, bank accounts, apartment searches, temporary apartment searches, gaining clarity with what Baxter human resources is going to pay, getting to know Wien over the internet, packing things to move, packing things to take, selling cars, changing addresses, organizing, throwing home-junk away, selling surfboards, cleaning up, when do we buy plane tix, forwarding addresses, waiting, and the list of little and big things goes on and on.

1 comment:

  1. wow...! nice giants! (grif and I were just watching...he quit gymnastics when we moved to Korea) so, it looks like you are moving...Sung forgot to tell me....Tessa is soooo grown up. I must send you pics of Grif & Mena.
    Good luck with the move! Amy