Thursday, July 9, 2009

Naturhistorishe Museum

Spent the morning at the natural history museum. Lots of items collected and displayed in a 19th century fashion. The "pile of skeletons" in the video was unearthed like you see it, and presumably a prehistoric family died together from food poisoning. Average people in europe collect mushrooms in the woods, so I guess this prehistoric family helped us know which mushrooms to avoid. Thanks!

BTW the music is from Carla Bruni, who is now the first lady of France. I don't know why exactly I have her music on my computer, and I don't have a clue about the lyrics, the music just sounded right.


  1. Hey guys,
    Glad to see you are having fun. We have not been able to reach you via skype, my name is maggierclowe in Oakland, CA. I hope this works it is not letting me post. It keeps asking for a password and then not allowing me to do it...
    We miss you,
    PS Our Ani would love to speak with your Ani! What is your phone number?

  2. Hi Guys,
    Sure looks like you are making the most of it and going to a lot of cool places! I enjoy the mini video clips and reading all about what you are doing.

    I swear it looks like Ani has grown a lot just since June!

    Ani, I miss you but love to watch the videos and listen to your silly little giggle. Tell Daddy to keep the videos coming and you keep up the smiles and giggles.

    Dean, I remember the days being home with my kids feeling like a drill saregent with my NO's. (I still feel that way at times.) Keep a journal of their days and then when they get older and you go back to read it, you will remember all the days and believe me, you will even crack a smile while you read it. I truly believe being a stay at home parent is the hardest job there is and the pay sucks! This should be a job with a starting pay of no less that $150,000.

    Keep the updates coming.

    Susan Solis