Friday, January 29, 2010

Blue Matisse

Finished a copy of a Matisse still-life/landscape (~3x4.5 ft). It was fun, and I would have never had the guts to use that much blue! I replaced his objects with mine. So, the moroccan figure hidden in the wall far left becomes Pascal's favorite stuffed dragon (I love how the composition includes the figure in the same plane as the other objects, yet at the same time the figure is 'excluded' by being embedded in the plane of the wall - is the figure there or not?), the flowers become my flowers from another painting, the African head becomes my sculpture of Ani, the Lamp becomes a jar of paint brushes together with a sand dollar, and Matisse's plate becomes a plate with my shells, which I have painted before. My version could have been painted a little bit looser, but then it's kind of hard to paint that way when you are copying. Anyways now we have a pseudo-Matisse in our living room, and I learned a lot about his painting style.

BTW although 'blue' is usually associated with a down mood, in this case blue seems to work more like the sky or ocean, giving a calm reflective feeling.

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