Saturday, May 15, 2010

an iphone app (by me:)

So I got an iTouch, then I started drawing on it. Then I found out it wasn't too impossible to program Apps on it (my own drawing app perhaps?). But a drawing app is pretty difficult for me. Something simple - fix a problem at work! Two things came to me immediately: a convertor to quickly find a volumetric flowrate from a linear flowrate (I just spent a couple of days explaining the calculation to my colleague at work). Since I love those picker wheels you see in for instance the alarm clock app, I made the linear to volumetric flowrate convertor use these wheels.

Well that program didn't turn out to be so difficult to write, so what about something else: a calculator to find Molarity with given gm, MW, and volume, AND to input any three of these variables and get the fourth, AND to enter any unit gm/mg, L/ml/ul, M/mM/uM/nM. Inspiration for this was frustration in incorrectly calculating an additive at work twice!!! It's actually a simple calculation but switching the units constantly (gm or mg, ml or L, M or mM/uM/nM) can cause costly mistakes. The mistake I made at work doing this calculation 'back of the napkin' so to speak was 1000-fold off. Ouch. Alright, so now I have this little calculator on my iTouch and I'll never make a mistake again. Correction: I'll make a mistake again for sure just not this particular one ;)

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