Sunday, November 14, 2010


We got some baby Guinea Pigs today (a promise from Ani's April Bday finally fulfilled!). You'll be seeing more of these guys for sure. The two of them (you have to buy them as pairs) are getting used to their new home, and are as of yet a wee bit shy. But, as you can see, we were able to hold them. That's Felix Ani is holding. He has short slightly curled hair (the breed is called U.S. Teddy). The other little piggy is Rufus, he has long hair (which we will have to cut). Rufus' hair flops over his head and body from a single part, kind of like some bad emo haircut (if Rufus had hands, he'd be constantly brushing away the flop of hair hanging over his eyes).

Felix is the name of a boy in Anika's class, who happens to like her. Rufus is named after the blind molerat from the TV show "Kim Possible," a current favorite of the kids.

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