Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Ski lessons (2)

I've been skiing once this year, but Sabine and P&A not. Last weekend in "Kaiser Wetter" blue skies we went to Annaberg about 1.5 hours outside of Wien. The kids did not want to go skiing. But we insisted and even signed them up for lessons. This they really hated. We took them to the baby hill where the lessons were held and returned about an hour later. The kids and their teacher were taking off their skis and leaving the hill. The teacher said the kids simply didn't want to ski. Everyone had a frown. So...... Sabine and I taught P&A ourselves, and they liked it! We got both, in about 15 minutes, going up and down the hill themselves. They didn't stop for hours. Anika even expectantly asked if we were going skiing next weekend! Nothing like sliding down a hill on boards to brighten the spirit. Here is limited video footage. Notice how when Pascal crashes no one hardly moves. That's how Pascal is though, he likes to fall, on skis or on his feet, and we are used to it.

1 comment:

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