Saturday, July 6, 2013

Talk to the animals

There is a park about an hour outside Wien where you can talk to the animals! O.k. so in the park they have a fenced in part where you can walk freely with wild deer and mountain goats. The goats are shy and run away, the deer are more curious. One particular deer was incredibly friendly. I pet him and talked to him and he seemed to listen. Especially cool was the antlers! I could even touch them and grab them gently. See the video below: I was talking to the deer about how when he walks into a store he always knocks things over with his antlers, or pokes people, and so he's always walking around saying "sorry, excuse me" and then knocking something else over.


No way am I gonna touch that snout!

A big stinky PIG!

They also have wolves in this park, separated from the deer of course.

Watch out!

The super friendly deer.

Little sprouting antlers.

Our friendly deer. 

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