Sunday, September 6, 2009

Our Mistake!!

Oui!!! Today (Sunday) we planned to go to the zoo, but on the way out I couldn't lock the deadbolt to the front door. I also couldn't unlock the door and get back inside. Scheisse!!!! We're locked out! No cellphone too. Damn.

We walked up to the corner grocery store and the clerk loaned us his cellphone. We called the locksmith. The locksmith said I couldn't look while he opened the door. I kind of stood behind a corner on the stairwell with full intentions of sneaking a peak. But the locksmith was finished in like 30 seconds. It's that easy to open a lock, and we have a pretty solid front door lock. The locksmith said it would have been just a little harder if the deadbolt was also locked.

Then the bill - 200 euros!!! Like we were in any position to bargain. Live and learn.

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