Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Tractor Boy!

We went to a Baurenfest in the innenstadt. Not really that great but, being a farmfest there were a couple of cool tractors. Pascal made the best of making it into a jungle gym (see picture).

There was also a little exhibit of a beehive where you could see the bees crawling around in the hive behind a sheet of glass. Pascal was looking at the beehive with a magnifying glass, and he had the magnifying glass pressed right against his nose. Pretty funny. Then this lady comes up and asks if they can photograph Mr. P. She points to a guy with a big shoulder held video camera behind us. Alright, I say. Then she comes back with a big red microphone with the letters "ORF" (that's one of the TV stations in Austria). She sticks the mic out in front of Pascal's face, and asks him about the bees. He actually repeats some stuff we had been talking about earlier, that the bees cluster into a tight ball to survive the winter and the queen bee is in the center. Very cute. No idea if Pascal made the cut for the evening news.

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