Sunday, March 28, 2010

More Finger Painting!!

Another finger painting made from a painting by Guido Reni done around 1635 (at the Kunsthistorische Museum). This one took almost 3 hours to complete. While I was sitting there painting the painting at least a dozen people sat down to rest on the gallery couch next to me. Each one of them would grown a sigh of relaxation as they sat. It's hard work touring a museum!

An angel visits St. Jerome who has dedicated himself to translating the bible. The angel gives him inspiration, and probably encouragement. After all he is living in a cave, eating godknowswhat roots and berries. A very lovely angel, I'm sure St. Jerome was absolutely shocked and delighted by her presence.

I didn't do the whole painting, so the body to the right is poor old St. Jerome's. He's awful skinny, but the painter couldn't help but define his shape by painting the musculature. So Jerome is actually kind of fit for an old long bearded ascetic living in a cave. The red cape set against the blue sky, green hills and white angel, all in a dark green/grey cave makes a beautiful color composition. Those italians sure knew how to use color. Below is the video-drawing.

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