Saturday, March 20, 2010


Yahoooo! Spring is here. It was in the mid sixties today (~17C), and the sun was out. What a difference the warmth (relative) and sun make. I really like the milder weather.

Sabine went running on her lunch break yesterday. Her work is close to the Donau river far away from civilization in amoungst the woods, fields and wetlands. She saw whole fields covered entirely with sprouting little "Schneeglockchen". Today we bought one at the Naschmarkt. I drew the little bunch sitting on our kitchen window sill.

My work is going pretty good. They like my messed up deutsch, and whatever negative things the Europeans might say about Americans, they are pretty curious about me and more than willing to give me a fair chance. In fact, at work, they listen too me more here they ever did in America. I think they are waiting to learn something new from me. I might even be able to deliver on that.

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