Thursday, March 24, 2011

Brothers and Sisters

Brothers and sisters, sometimes they really do love each other - and I even have proof. No doubt Anika and Pascal love each other, but they sure know how to hide it most of the time. Between those two a fight can start at any moment for practically any reason. It makes you wonder sometimes how they will ever get along in any kind of civilized way, but then you see, they do actually love each other.

I recorded the proof, above on a short hike to a castle just outside of Wien. Really there are castles on every third hill top here. From the castle we had a nice view of flatlands stretching out to the snowy mountains. And, of course, on the next hill just across the little valley stood another castle. I'm pretty sure the two castles are so close across the valley that they could've traded cannon shots at each other's castle, back in the day.

Anika with her T.V. pal. See even Spongebob gets out and about the town once in a while!

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