Saturday, March 26, 2011

Spring into the Woods

The last week's weather was great, but the rain was to return this weekend. Not fair! So, to beat the rain, we went early Saturday into the woods, or really a marshland, near the Donau. Sabine works in the area, and takes her jogs through these woods - she wanted to show us the snowbells carpeting the forest floor (no exaggeration!!), and the fresh buds on every branch.

We got "lost" in the woods:

Anika has learned to love the flavor of "bear lauch" a wide edible leaf that has a remarkable garlic taste. She can eat enough to really, literally stnik up the entire car with her breathing. Anyways, we found Anika sitting in a patch of "bear lauch" munching away....

Pascal is always the soldier, or guard, or karate master. Give him a stick, and..... I got him to pose in front of a thickly barked old tree. I guess he is guarding the tree itself - someone should. He looks a little confused in the picture, but he quickly came back to his senses.

Mama and Papa also got to play in the trees. Watch out for the old rotten branches, crack, slip.... awwwww!!!

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