Saturday, February 23, 2013

December in CA!!

In December me and Ani visited California over Christmas. Boy is the winter weather great in Calif! From the dreary gray of wintery Vienna, we came into the sun again! The sun blazed, the sky was blue. It is so nice to feel the sun warm your skin. This may be a little thing, but when you miss it, it's unbelievable how good it feels.

We visited Mom/Grandma, dearest Tessa, and old friends. We kept busy, went ice skating in SF, visited the beach in SF, in halfmoon bay, Pacifica, took a hike through the redwood forest in the Oakland hills. Nature is good! We painted plates in Berkeley. Tessa made a super portrait of a ice bear, I did a plate with an alpine scene, and Ani painted xxx. We played mini-golf in a super cool course in Alameda, where the holes were places around the Bay: lombard street, the golden gate bridge, the High street bridge, and even more mundane sites like the oakland harbor. We ate Japanese food, high chic mexican food, and good old italian. We also spent quite a bit of time in bookstores, and brought a stack of 'em home.

I didn't take so many pictures, because I wanted to focus more on being there and taking in that feeling. Here are a few photographic memories.

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