Thursday, June 4, 2009

Anika and Papa Arrived in Wien

We made it. Good flight. The first week wasn't so great, a bit of cold rain after all that sun. I was a full of negative thoughts, and with the feeling that moving to Wien was a huge mistake. I felt that we left everything behind, but what's to be done now, etc.... But with a little sunshine and a nice walk through the innen stadt I started feeling much better.

Anika is doing really great. We have to adjust to a lot of new things, z.b. walking a lot, getting lost on bus routes, winding through crowds. Basically all those things you don't even notice or think about at home, you need to think about here 'cause everything is new and different. It's a little bit fun, but after a whole day of it, you definitely feel exhausted. Anika is a real trooper and doesn't complain.

We looked at a school for Anika, d.h. Astrid Lingren Schule (pipi langstrumf autor). Anika liked it and I had a nice helpful talk with the Frau Direktorin (principal). Ani is really excited to start school in a week or two.

We also finally got a really nice apartment (Magdalenenstrasse 6/ Top 8). Altbau, big rooms, high ceilings, wooden floors in fish bone pattern, nice large kitchen, good neighborhood. We get the keys 10 June (Wednesday), next week!! We get our sea shipment Friday. Tessa comes the following Monday, 15 June. We'll all get to move in together!!!

The video is from our walk in the Innen Stadt and includes a visit to the Schmetterling Haus. Crazy fountains.

P.S. There are all kinds of foreigners all over the city. You hear a lot of english, and eastern european languages on the street. The eastern europeans are really recognizable because they dress sooooo baaaaad! Cheap fabrics in some kind of disco style. A lot of english is spoken between foreigners of different languages because they hold english in common. I heard an Afrikan looking guy talk to his Austrian girlfriend in english with a whole lot of german words thrown in. I bet we'll end up speaking that way at home too ;)


  1. Looks like you guys are having a good time. Post some clips from the gym if you're able to find one. If it's cool with you I'd love to visit next summer. Take it easy man
    - Austin

  2. Hi Everyone,
    I love reading about the updates... keep them coming. From what I have seen of the video, it looks like a beautiful city. Enjoy every minute of it! Tell Ani that I miss her and Ms. Lowe and I often talk about her. I heard all about her chats with Ani Lowe! Take care and keep in touch.