Sunday, June 21, 2009

Duernstein on the Donau

A little ausflug today (Sunday). Friends from Sabine's work loaned us a car for this weekend and next. We drove up the Donau about an hour outside of Wien to a little medieval city complete with crumbling castle (Duernstein). The area is also full of vineyards and apricot jams, liquers, etc. We climbed up to the crumbly castle and had lunch on a beautiful patio overlooking the Donau.

Pictures from top to bottom: 1. Farm girl 2. Papa chillin at lunch 3. Mama chillin at lunch 4. Farm girls 5. Tessa self-portrait 6. Dessert as Hauptspeisse 7. Trail to the Castle 8. The Donau below 9. Mary & Baby Jesus blessing the way 10. Nice weed 11. Ani at the lunch terrace 12. The crumbly castle 13. Tessa and Anika 14. Pipi JUmps!

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