Saturday, June 20, 2009

Homesick but I found a Gym!

Feeling awful homesick. I didn't think I would feel this way so soon and so hard! It's not a pleasant feeling at all. Very negative.

Today (Saturday) I found a gym at the university where I can do gymnastics! That made me feel better. As soon as I walked down the stairs and smelled that distinctive mixture of chalk and sweat, my spirits lifted. Anika, Tessa and I sat down on some mats and watched the action (mostly university students, ranging from totally unskilled to decent skills). I asked some guy chatting behind me about how Anika and I could find a class/time to workout and he turned out to be an instructor and he invited me to join his class. I followed the class, was told not to bend my arms on my handstand press and I tumbled a little. (Austin: to my surprise, my front flip was actually not that bad) I can't wait to try some giants on the high-bar next weekend.

After that Sabine and Pascal joined us for a tour of Schonbrunn Palace. Very magnificent, huge, beautiful, stunning. Not a bad day in all, with some positive steps toward integration. Whew!!

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  1. Video proof of the good frontflips? ;)