Saturday, September 17, 2011

Erste Schultag für Pascal!

Last week was Pascal's first week in school. Not kindergarten, school. His school is right around the corner from us, which is nice. The picture is taken outside our apartment on the way to his school. Pascal did well his first week. He didn't say much, but I guess that's good. On Wednesday he did however report that his school day was bad. I asked him why. "Someone hit me." A boy? "Yes." What's his name? "I don't know." And then Pascal ran happily down the hallway to play in his room. Hmmm. I guess it wasn't actually that big a deal? Anyways, Pascal does seem generally happy about school, for instance he said he was happy that he can go from room to room at will (at least in Hort, his after school care), unlike kindergarten where he always had to go together with the group.

It was a big first week, and Pascal is quickly filling in his new shoes as Schulkind!

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