Saturday, September 24, 2011

Symbol Bird

A couple of months ago I finished this bird, holding on to two colors above the water. I got a couple things working here which I'm happy about: 1) the color sticks are symbolic, I mean there are no blue and red reeds like this in the world, but they still work as real reeds which the bird is hanging on to (actually he's kind of 'stirring' the reeds). 2) the water ringlets at the bottom of the picture serve to make a bottom or ground to the painting although the background is one entire continuous color; without the ringlets the bird and color sticks would be floating in space a bit too much. 3) the bird is realistically painted - based on a drawing I made at the Naturhistorischemuseum - and it works well enough against the plain abstract background. I want to make more paintings in this space between realism and an abstract/symbolic space.


  1. I really like this sort of reminds me of a Sargent painting. Not so much the style, but more the subject. Very nice. By the way.....I found your blog at random. Cheers!

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