Sunday, September 4, 2011

Scientific Wall Mural

The finished mural. Sorry about the poor lighting.

Details of the finished mural.

Copy of Durer's Hase.

An early stage. Not sure what to draw in next. The circles and square forms though give the mural some structure and direction to help me determine what comes next.

They were remodeling the labs where I work. I was volunteered to draw a mural. I ended up picking a large wall next to the laboratory entrance. I made a number of pencil sketches of the mural, but once faced with the real wall, I made up a lot of new images straight on the wall.

The mural is done with charcoal. The theme of the mural is scientific equipment and ideas we regularly use in the development lab, mixed with general themes from Austria and Vienna. So the Durer Rabbit in the bottom left corner, because Durer was an artist keenly interested in understanding the natural world, and his drawing is here in Vienna. In the upper left corner is a semi-abstract landscape of mountains and forest, because they are important in Austria. The big drawing of Stephansdom was really fun, albeit difficult because of the weird perspective. Above Stephansdom in binary code is the quote from Einstein "When the solution is simple, god is answering".

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