Thursday, November 5, 2009

Dangerous Dude

About a month ago we went out for the "Nacht des Museums", where all the museums are free and open until 11pm. We visited the Bibliotech, the Albertina, and the Ritter museum. There was a huge collection of knights armor. Many had strange, scary bird like helmets. Some were custom made for an obviously huge pot belly. One had a huge bulge in the nether regions. Anything to be scary.

While we were visiting the Ritter museum we watched a live display of swordsmanship. Pretty cool stuff, we learned about all the different types of swords and how they were designed for different kinds of fighting. The head swordsman (in red) was also pretty funny and merrily wallowed in the guts and gore of the sword fight.

Pascal was very impressed. Soon after we came home, Pascal got out a pair of Anika's boots, picked some kitchen knives from the drawer, and made ready for battle. The video is probably the last time we're going to let Pascal go at it like this - the little dude is DANGEROUS! I think we're going to have to get him a set of sturdy wooden swords, although the clink and clank of the metal knives clashing together does have its appeal.

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  1. OK, I can't believe my daughter shares a kindergarten with this dangerous dude! Run Emi run! Pascal...promise to use these newfound skills for good...and not for scaring little girls!