Friday, November 6, 2009


So I'm eating a 'Doner' - lamb or chicken with onions, tomato, salad and yogurt sauce stuffed in a thick pita bread - on Mariahilferstrasse and I notice this pigeon standing at my feet. It's cocking its head around to look at me eating; it's waiting for crumbs; it has no fear. I feed it a couple crumbs. The pigeon reminds me of a dog begging at the table, and I'm starting to consider if a pigeon can be as smart as a dog - it sure is acting smart. A couple more crumbs.

And then the thing leaps at me! Alright, it kind of flaps it's wings and hovers in front of my face, or more exactly in front of my Doner. I swat at it and it hovers away, and then right back in front of my face. I see an evil red glow in this buggers eyes. He is persistant. Go away!! Get back on the ground like a good dog! Swat, Swat. He doesn't leave.

I end up moving on down the street.

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