Sunday, November 1, 2009


Today, Sunday, with nothing much to do after Halloween, we went to the Park. Actually we wanted to go to the "Technische Museum" but it was closed. The leaves are really falling now from the big oak trees. Sabine decided to make a leaf pile to jump in. Anika and Pascal had loads of fun building the leaf pile, burying Mama, and throwing leaves around. A couple of people stopped to look at us crazies diving through the leaves. One Grand-pa and grandson started their own leaf pile. I helped with the leaves but didn't jump in, 'cause you know, leaves are dirt basically - I mean they will be dirt soon, so..... they must have some portion of dirt in them already. And because of my grass allergies, something about rolling around in vegetation just "rubs" me the wrong way. What a kill-joy. Thank God for Mama!

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