Sunday, November 1, 2009

The regal Wienerin and the talkative Filipino

One day riding in the U-bahn with Anika, a regal, aristocratic fifty-something year old lady walked into our car. She held her head high, wore fashionable clothes and make-up. She wore her hair in a pony tail which reached down to her knees! Really, her knees! She wore eight black hairbands, her hair was that long. And funny thing, she didn't dye her hair at all, there was grey all mixed into her black hair. The long hair together with her regal composure, reminded us of some princess in a fairy tale.

Another women noticed us noticing the regal woman's hair. She, a Filipino, spoke in english to us encouraging Ani to get up out of her seat to take a good look at the regal woman's hair. The Filipino spoke to us right behind the regal woman's back, as if she, the Filipino were invisible. It was all pretty funny. We talked and pointed behind the regal woman's back, and she, with her head held up so high, didn't seem to notice at all.

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