Sunday, September 1, 2013

Croatia: Plitvice Park and the Adriatic

The first part of our August vacation was to visit Plitvice Park in Croatia. This is quite the tourist attraction but well worth the visit. It is a large canyon with a river flowing through and down the canyon, but by means of a series of waterfalls and pools, with each pool cascading into the next waterfall, down the entire course of the canyon. Secondly, everything is intensely green, grass and trees are growing in the face of the waterfall, and water streams through groves of trees. Apparently the geology of the place is a consequence of all those plants and the limestone rock the canyon is made of: the plants take the CO2 from the water, making Calcium in the water more prone to precipitate, which when it does forms the dam like wall which both forms a pool upstream, and becomes the next waterfall downstream. The Calcium in turn is there because water dissolves it from the Limestone.

Anyways it is a fairy tale land of crystal clear water, trees and grass and waterfalls. The trail through the canyon was well maintained (due to the number of tourists) and for much of the hike consisted of a raised wooden boardwalk, often with water running directly below our feet.

No fishing is not allowed, nor would it really be fair.

Water everywhere.

Waterfall and cute girl :)

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