Sunday, September 1, 2013

Hike up the Rax

We hiked the Rax mountain just outside of Vienna, and it was steep!!! The whole hike was like climbing stairs. We basically covered the same route the gondola takes, which is straight up almost 1000 meters. But we made it in around 4 hours. Tessa and Ani took the lead and left Sabine and me with Pascal, who wasn't having so much fun. First, it's a pretty ambitious hike for an 8 year old, and second he got pretty nice heal blisters on both feet about 1/2 way up (poor guy). To his credit he did try to humor his way through it, unfortunately with profanity but still with humor.

It was nice to make it to the top finally and take the gondola down the mountain again. I don't know if we would so quickly choose to do this particular hike again, but then it's nice to know what you can accomplish (1000 vertical meters) in several hours.

A short rest half way up, everyone is still in good spirits.

We will make it to the top!

The view across from about 3/4 up the Rax.

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