Sunday, September 1, 2013

Two Kittens becomes One

What do they say? Life is not fair. God giveth, he taketh away. Nothing is ever perfect...... We felt so lucky and happy to find our two kittens Stella and Luna. We were excited to make a home for the two sisters. We felt lucky to have the chance to raise both sisters, together. Then we noticed Luna had a cough that wouldn't go away. That she didn't play as much as Stella. And the cough was getting worse each day, the playing less. Something was seriously wrong with Luna. 

The second part of our vacation was in the Austrian alps in Kärten. We decided that as soon as we got to Austria we would look for a veterinarian on the internet and call Sunday to see if someone could see Luna. We found a vet who kindly came to her office Sunday to look at Luna, and she gave Luna antibiotics and intravenous fluid since she hadn't eaten the past day. The vet told us to come again next morning to look at Luna more carefully. We were worried. The next morning came and Luna was not doing better, she just lay still with her head lifted on a towel gasping for air. The vet said we needed to put Luna to sleep, that there was nothing she could do to help Luna, except to ease her pain. We did it, and we cried.

We buried Luna in the forest on Turracher Höhe. Although we only had her but a couple of days, it was hard to believe she was so quickly gone. What can you say? 

Luna with Ani.

Luna's grave.


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  2. Oh my goodness - that is so sad. Very difficult for children to experience.


  3. Awe that is so sad. She was obviously needed elsewhere, poor little thing.

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