Sunday, September 1, 2013

The Adriatic from Croatia and two Kittens

After Plitvice park we drove to the coast and the island of Rab. A ferry brought us and the car over to the island. Here it is no longer green. The part of the island where the ferry docks is like a moon scape. Hardly a speck of vegetation. Beautiful for the eye, but brutally hot and dry. We stayed on the other side of the island facing the Adriatic sea, and there are pine trees and more green. Nonetheless it is still mostly rock.

One day we took a hike around a section of the island, staying on the rocky beaches. It was fun and amazing to see all the geology exposed on the cliffs along the way. I wish I understood more about what all I was looking at.

Rab is pretty much a beach resort town so we went swimming and spent time in the sun. A couple of times we visited the old town, and every night we had excellent seafood for dinner.

From the church tower of Rab.

Nightfall looking over the Adriatic.

The surprise of this vacation was two kittens, Stella and Luna. Anika discovered them in the hotel parking lot, living in a makeshift cat house someone had built. Ani and Pascal played with the kittens over several days. One day Ani brought Tessa down to see the kittens. She was impressed with them too and told us how although she thought Ani had found some mangy forlorn cats, the cats were actually playful and adorable kittens. Sabine and I thought about taking the two sisters Stella and Luna home with us, and on our second to last day we took the kittens with us to our apartment. They quickly learned to use a litter tray and were so sweet and adorable we all were in kitty love within hours. Below are pictures from those first days.

Parking lot abduction.

A very happy Ani with kittens successfully caught.

Kittens were soooo good. Tessa feeding them milk with a baby bottle.

That's Stella (the gray/white one) very active in our apartment.

Here is Luna.

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